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It's so crazy to watch how deranged maniacs like you and David Firth have gotten SOOOO much better over the years. Your stuff has always been so awesome, but it's gotten so much better, too. You're a shining beacon of hope for those who love the dismal.

Better yet, what if his name was Bent Willy?

Everyone loves you, and you're very popular.

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I miss this game

I never finished it all the way... like... 2nd to last level. And then my computer died or something, and when I got a new computer, it was too powerful to play the game smoothly, because that used to happen back in the day with old computers. I loved the sound effects in the game though.

JuneLinMilliam responds:

I think I need to edit this more. If I had to pick a favorite sound then it has to be chromotap lol. It looks like EA made the new syndicate into a FPS. Thanks for the review!

You make decent soundboards

But I really hate the English voice actors in... pretty much all fighting games. Saying the name of the move you're using just isn't in the American psyche. Any chance of a round of Japanese voice actors after these are all done?

JuneLinMilliam responds:

Well first I would like to say great newgrounds you have. The reason on why I want to use english only is because someone may want to do a prank with it and most flash on here is in the same language. I do have all the japanese voices but think if I were to make and put them on here then the rate will be too low. Thanks for the review.

Decent enough game for something so simple

But that redundant music made me want to stop playing by level 2 or so.

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Hot hot shit

I'd vote higher, but I'm afraid it would compete with my masterwerks.

Ultimately, pretty good

But the Slayer stuff was rough... Slayer is yucky.


Are you SUUUUUUUUURE Aphex Twin didn't have maybe a little influence on this?

Earfetish responds:

of course they did, Aphex Twin have had a little influence on mine and Spamwarrior's mind and it comes to the forefront on shrooms

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